Heritage Study Programs

“Jerusalem Jones and the Last Crusade”

Dear friend,

As your host and fellow adventurer, I'm excited to invite you on a Holy Land tour like none other. Join me, Jerusalem Jones, as we make our way through the amazing Crusader fortresses that dot the land of Israel. Follow the path of the Knights Templar in search of the Holy Grail. Relive the medieval escapades of warriors and holy men, following the footsteps of Jesus. Learn the truth about where Jesus was born, grew up, and faced Pontius Pilate on his way to the cross. From the spectacular scenery that mesmerized the crusading pilgrims to the haunting tunnels of subterranean Jerusalem, this is more than just a tour. We will visit many off the beaten track places and will experience places and sites not usually available on other tours. There will be much to see and a lot to learn but we will also have time for fun, for making new friends, and having a great time.

With the assistance of Ron Wexler, CEO of the Heritage Study Programs Foundation (35 years of Israel-themed tour experience) and Pastor Randy Alonso (with decades of Israel tour leadership), this will be a life-changing Odyssey!

Shalom & see you in Israel,
Ken Hanson

Dr. Ken Hanson
Coordinator of the Judaic Studies Program
University of Central Florida, Orlando