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A bit of history background

Throughout history, the land of Israel has been one of the most important world trade hubs. Many ancient "highways” intersected across the land. Three of these main trade routes, the Damascus Road (the Silk Road), the Via Maris (the Way of the Sea) and the Kings's Highway (along the Jordan Valley) created the heart of commerce in the region. Whoever controlled the land and these roads controlled much of the ancient world. The Crusaders arrived in Israel to free and liberate the Christian holy sites. It was therefore one their main concerns to build fortresses to control and protect the roads and the sites themselves. In their quest to free, protect and secure these holy places, the Crusaders followed the Scriptures. They built monumental fortresses in key biblical and strategic locations, utilizing their military knowhow and taking advantage of the local terrain. On this amazing journey of the Last Crusade, we will follow their plans, strategies and achievements as they pursued the "Footsteps of Jesus.”